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For many a century the Mediterranean boasted for its perfect cuisine and it has reached our days. All locals enjoy the nice tasty and healthy products that were grown and prepared in their historic lands of living. “Tesoro” brings you the opportunity to taste at your home the same products used by the Mediterranean residents. That is why we facilitate the direct delivery in our magic parcel straight to your home!

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Mediterranean by Origin

Each Mediterranean country has a traditional product of which any local resident is truly proud of.

Spanish olives and olive oil from Andalusia, Italian tomatoes from Campania, Greek Kalamata olives, Italian olive oil from Toscana and Taggiasca olives from Liguria – and many many other foodstuffs that enrich these ancient lands.
«The Tesoro-branded products are of the best quality from the original lands – and you decide what tastes most for you!

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История Tesoro

The TESORO history

Foodstuff producers from the Mediterranean – the acknowledged professionals who maintain the best traditions and standards of local production for many dozens of years – have decided to join force in promoting the authentic national products across the world. They set up The International Association of Traditional Food and Cuisine Suppliers (IATFCS) in order to guarantee the declared provisions and observe of rules. The Tesoro brand was registered under the auspices of IATFCS and it allows to deliver the real Mediterranean products to various parts of the world with guarantee of quality.

Real Mediterranean foodstuffs brought to your home!

Supporting the Mediterranean cuisine traditions together with IATFCS

The Members share the same opinion and declare that within the Association the following principles are applied:

  • Using in production only traditional recipes based on centuries of tradition and knowledge.
  • Using agriculture products of local origin. If local ingredients are impossible to find – we select similar ingredients of same quality only from the best international producers. Key priority is keeping the traditional features and quality of the end-product.
  • Refuse actions or operations which do not correspond to traditional historic standards and deteriorate the end-product quality, or any other steps misleading the Consumer.
  • Never use unnatural taste enhancers, chemical colorants or other artificial ingredients that may change the taste, color and other natural features of the product. Natural food additives are used only on the basis of technologic necessity, where such methods are justified and traditional, having withstood the test of time and proven to be safe.
  • Zero tolerance for tricks with weight, volume or size of package indicators that mislead the Consumer.
  • Using modern technology to the extent it does not affect the quality of our products.